Before and After Results Using ZetaClear

My name is Janice, and I am one of those women who pride themselves on their physical appearance. I believe that your physical appearance can tell a great deal about your personality and attitude towards yourself, your environment, and well, how you live your life.

Yet, somehow, in the past week, I managed to contract something quite foul – a nail fungus. This is not a happening. I am eager to discuss, but I thought with the treatment being so effective, I would share my experience. So, here we have it: a brief article on my nail fungus and how I effectively treated it using ZetaClear fungus solution.

What Is ZetaClear Nail Fungus Treatment?

jojoba oilBefore we progress any further, it would be useful to mention what the ZetaClear nail fungus solution is. This type of fungus solution is a homeopathic anti-fungus formula using various natural ingredients to create a two-step system for overall fungus removal. The primary ingredients used in ZetaClear include tea tree oil, jojoba oil, clove oil, lemongrass, almond oil, and supplement E oil.

When used independently, these oils can be highly effective in treating various medical problems; however, when combined, they can provide a medicinally effective therapy suitable for even the most severe forms of bacterial infection. Lemongrass, in particular, is advantageous as it presents with anti-fungal elements while also smelling fantastic.

What Happened Before Using ZetaClear?

I enjoy using natural ingredients when treating different medical conditions; therefore, it was highly advantageous when I discovered that Zetaclear was created from organic ingredients. I was quite concerned I may have required some chemical solutions due to the severity of my case. Let me explain. I do not enjoy visiting the doctor or using medical facilities – call it a fear of medical professionals if you will. In fact, I have been known to avoid using the services of a practitioner to the point where an initial sprain became a more complicated muscle problem.

discoloration and odorIn this case, I found that the nail was painful with a discoloration and odor. I worked up the courage to attend a doctor visit, and it was found that I was suffering from a severe nail fungus which may spread to the other toes. Fortunately, this physician is aware of my preference for organic treatments and recommended that treating these symptoms would be best aided by ZetaClear.

What Happened After Using ZetaClear?

Application of the two-step system of ZetaClear ensured that the nail fungus would be treated from both under and above the nail with long-term relief; however, the end effect of the treatment does take a minimum of one month to appear. Despite the need to wait for overall positive results, it should be mentioned that the odor and discoloration disappeared, and the nails regained a strong, healthy sheen.

One mistake I made, which should definitely be noted before any application is made, is that the nail needs to be cleaned and scrapped. If not, you will be placing the product on the bacteria and not underneath the bacteria. Don’t make my mistake where you will have to purchase another bottle of this pricey solution.

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